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We created 'Buying US Property' to help fellow Australians take advantage of the amazing (probably a once in a lifetime) investment opportunities in the United States. As Australians many of us are in a good position having great equity in our property/s or super funds that they can leverage on and take adavantage. At the same time it has been hard for small investors to get involved in property, Until Now!.

With such an fantastic exchange rate Australians now have excellent buying power. If/When later the exchange rate returns to there more normal rate that just means more money for you coming back from the US in the future! If you take up our finance option our suggestion is to use any excess monthly cash flow to pay off the property and own it as soon as possible.


Unlike many provayers of US properties we charge no up front memberships. Only when a client has decided to go ahead and intrust us to help them make a purchase will money change hands.

We are offering the following services to our clients :


We are here on the ground and have the contacts to help you build an excellent positive cash flow investment portfolio with great future capital gain potential. We can help organise :

US LLC Company Setup (if Required)
US Bank Account Services
US Title & General Insurance Services
US Property Management Services
US & Australian Legal Services
US & Australian Tax/Accounting Services
US Building Inspection Services
US Building Maintenance Services


1. You fill in our application to engage us to locate/organise a property for you, Provide proof of Australian Funds and pay our fee (below).
2. We will locate a number of suitable properties and make offers on your behalf. (As if we were buying them for ourselves)
(Note : As the demand for decent quality property is high in our area it will take many offers to be successful).
3. Once an offer has been accepted we will notify you and await your final acceptance of it and any repair work to be done.
4. We will organise a US LLC Company for you (if applicable).
5. We will organise paperwork for all aspects (Banking, Tax, Finance, purchase, etc) to be sent to you for your perusal and signing.
6. Convert your Australian funds and transfer to a US escrow companies trust fund for settlement/closing.
7. On settlement we collect the keys on your behalf and organise work to be completed in preparation for a tenant.
8. Locate suitable tenant for your property and have them pay rent directly to your US bank Account.
9. We will then be available to support the property, tenant and yourself where required.

Thus making investing in the amazing US property market very simple, affordable, profitable and low risk.


Payment required to start first purchase tansaction $4900 AU
Payment required to start second and subsequent purchases $3900 AU
Can be paid via cheque, bank deposit or Visa/Mastercard.

***** SPECIAL OFFER EOF 2013, We will include the First year of property management, normally 10% of the gross monthly rental *****


Get started now. Even if you are a small investor you can own a share of an income producing property with good gains expected in the medium term. We will be offering the opportunity to have a 25%, 33% or 49% share with the option to own a 100% at a later date.

There are also options to form syndicates and buy Multi-Family and commerical properties. Ask us how.


Many people think that the U.S is a far away land but in fact L.A. is only around 13 hours flying time from Brisbane. Airline tickets are often very cheap these days, We use and recommend VAustralia as our airline. You generally do not need a special Visa to travel to the US you just need a Visa Waiver which is a simple online form to fill in. We can suggest various accommodation options for you or checkout Expedia. fre

Rather than just using us to help with the complete turn-key solution, you may also like to inspect the market and properties first hand. If so may we suggest that you book for one of our regular investment tours. This way we can take you around and show you first hand some of the brilliant investments there are. Naturally most clients have an extended stay so they can have some fun while they are there!

Then if you are satisfied to proceed with one or more purchases then we can arrange the professional help required to complete the process. Price on application, If you would like more information on this service please Click Here to contact us.